2023 Courses

As summer winds down we focus on autumn classes. Here we go:

Dowsing, Sunday October 1st, 1:00 PM to 4 PM, Fee: $80

We mentor students in the use of a single, suspended pendulum and 2 L-shaped dowsing rods. The weather should be warm enough to assure lots of practice outside doing geomantic dowsing, and beginning principles of radiesthetic dowsing for healing work.  This class looks at ley lines, vortices and ghost paths. We practice alphabets, orienteering techniques, compass work and more. Please bring a binder, pen, crystals, pendulums and L-rods if you have them.  We have pendulums and L-rods at a nominal fee for those students who require them. Classes are limited to 10 participants - register early!
Why learn dowsing? Anyone interested in advancing their psychic skills should take note that any skill set under the umbrella of psychokinesis [one of the main classifications in parapsychology] is the fastest route to expanding all psychic gifts and abilities. Learning dowsing with L- rods and pendulums gives a unique set of land and body training to the subconscious so that the other brain-based skills follow much more easily. Learning to dowse the chakras is an extraordinary type of training. Psychometry training was formalized as early as the 1960s at Duke University. So, join us for this last dowsing class, you won't regret it.  It will prepare students for the upcoming Psychospiritual Development Classes In 2024, as well as The States of Consciousness Class this autumn.

Dowsing Class is now Full.

States of Consciousness, Tuesdays starting Sept. 27 to Nov. 1, from 7:00 PM to 9 PM, Fee: $250

Please note: this is an online course using Microsoft Teams links. Class notes will be emailed to registrants. It is the foundational course in shamanism, psychic mediumship, parapsychology (clairvoyance, clairaudience. psychokinesis, etc.,) regression/ NLP, altered states of consciousness including meditation, binaural beats, rituals, hypnosis, out-of-body experiences, near death experiences, and methodology for transcendence practices. We will be discussing all of these topics over the course of the class nights, including best practices. This is an experiential course so we will be doing exercises in each of these modalities.
If someone must miss a particular class, they will receive the recorded information. It is from this pool of participants that we will be extracting private students for one-on-one training.
Why take states of consciousness? This course will prepare you for working one-on-one with us in shamanic training as well as advance your skills and understanding for Psychospiritual Development.



Special notes:

1.     Payment in full is required to be considered registered. We do not hold seats to be fair to everyone.

2.     Soon most of the courses will be offered as online options for people who cannot attend in person. This will be done through Ko-fi. Stay tuned for information about distance learning options starting this summer.

3.     Distance learning workshops will not be available for hands-on programs like drum making, medicine blanket or ribbon skirts, as an example.

4.     Anyone who registers for a class receives a very large bag of yarn or fabric of their choosing.  We have changed the studio and are giving away to the community new yarns and fabrics we won't be using.

Receipts are issued first night of class.  Classes fill quickly!  Payment can be made through the website (PayPal), Interac e-transfer (send to brian@moonstarlodge.com), cash or cheque (payable to "Rev. Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady").  We take Visa or Mastercard if you drop by the studio (call ahead).  Your seat is confirmed upon payment.

Courses are held at 302 Lafontaine Rd. West, Tiny (Lafontaine), Ontario, L9M 0H1.


Some comments about our work:

Nita wrote: "Kathryn and Brian are amazing Healers, Mediums and Spiritual Teachers. I have taken classes and received healing from both of them. l highly recommend them." 

I have liked, loved, felt at home, been challenged by, accepted by, and can decompress, from the moment Moonstar, Kathryn, Brian and then Angeni came into my life. The lessons I learned have taught me well in my own journey of self healing and in my practice with my clients that I see daily in a busy emerg dept in hospital.  Kim