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Spiritual Services

Moonstar Lodge was formed in 1981 as an alternative healing and spiritual centre.  It has been located in different physical locations over the years, but the mandate remains the same. It is also the showcase for the creative talents of Kathryn and Brian.

Reverend Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady was ordained and licensed as a Spiritualist minister, and is presently an ordained, licensed minister and Moderator of Wolfe Island Aboriginal Interfaith Church. Kathryn has been chair person of the north-central region of the Ontario Multifaith Council since 2009.  Kathryn has connected with the “spirit world” since childhood, and has channeled professionally for 35+ years.  She and her husband Brian were National Elders with the former Canadian Métis Council, and are Directors of Moonstar Lodge.  Kathryn (“Kateri” in Mohawk) is a celebrated First Nations medicine person, author, practising shaman, and teaches aboriginal programs from an Anishnabek perspective at the lodge.  Brian is of Micmac and Metis descent, and is also a practicing shaman. Both Brian and Kathryn graduated from the University of Guelph, she with a B.A. in psychology and he with a B.A. in sociology.

Kathryn expresses her spirituality not only through her spiritual services but also through her artistic endeavours.  Her custom jewellery incorporates her extensive knowledge of crystals as well as her energy healing skills.  She is a textile artist, and teaches quilting as a member the Canadian Quilters Association.  Kathryn taught quilting and 16 other textile arts programs at community colleges (doing curriculum development for 8 of them) during the 1980’s through early 1990’s.  She is a master knitter, quilter, spinner, jewellery maker, author and freelance lecturer.  She has exhibited in various galleries across the country.

Aboriginal Healing:

Using a variety of both ancient and modern energy techniques we assess the person on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and bring the body back into balance. Also known as "chakra balancing" among other names. We then suggest supplements (if necessary) to maintain balanced health. The process takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic healing works with the concept that emotional and physical illnesses are the same. Our soul is our life force or vitality. Anything can cause soul loss. It might be the loss of a loved one, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, surgery, accidents, and more. At times of trauma, part of us goes away. This is good and protective, however, it does not always find its way back.

 Symptoms of soul loss include dissociation, a feeling of watching your life like a movie rather than as a participant, chronic depression, suicidal feelings, post traumatic stress disorder, immune system deficiency, inability to get over a loss, and having an unnatural connection with a person.

For more information check out this page: Soul Retrieval


Spiritual Counselling:

In this one hour session we will discuss your pressing spiritual concerns and direct you to resources that support your growth towards spiritual enlightenment.



A channeling session is booked for a period of 75 to 90 minutes.  All channeling is via Skype (unless you live locally) and the cost is $150 CDN per session. For health reasons I do not channel over the phone. I welcome your questions and if you want to send them in advance you may use the Contact page.  I always prepare by doing ceremony the night before our session - having your questions in advance allows me to present them to spirit. (I can't force spirit to answer your questions but we can always ask!) I request that everyone abstain from alcohol and recreational drug use for three days prior to our appointment. I am typically available weekdays from 10 AM until 8 PM (EST) however special arrangements can be made for alternate times.  When I meet with you on Skype to channel my partner performs a smudging ceremony - this is for our spiritual protection during the session. <

Tarot Readings:

The tarot session is booked for a period of 75 to 90 min. All tarot reading is done via Skype [unless you live locally] and the cost is $150 CDN per session, pre-paid by PayPal or credit card. As with channeling I welcome your questions in advance and you may use the Contact page ahead of time.  I own approximately 300 decks of tarot and divination cards, but I typically use one of my many native tarot decks or Angel cards. In all I have about 20 native decks and about 30 Angel decks. My favorite deck to use is by Judith Pintar called the “Cards of Winds and Changes ", but I love making medicine wheel spreads and combining decks up to 64 cards in a reading!  I can take pictures of your spread and e-mail that to you if you wish. I request that everyone abstain from alcohol and recreational drug use for three days prior to our appointment. I am typically available weekdays from 10 AM until 8 PM (EST) however special arrangements can be made for alternate times.  When I meet with you on Skype to channel my partner performs a smudging ceremony - this is for our spiritual protection during the session.

House Blessing:

Brian and Kathryn typically do a house/apartment/condominium blessing in person.  The fee, payable at the time of service is $150.00 (plus mileage]. We start preparing the night before by doing ceremony with the ancestors. Your home is blessed from top to bottom using prayers, Sweetgrass, Sage and sacred Cedar oil. We ask that prior to our arrival you open cupboards and drawers in all rooms.  Depending on the circumstances we may ask you to place crystals in strategic points in the home.  The whole process can take a couple of hours.  All spirits we encounter are sent into the light. We share with you all information that spirit shares with us.

Naming/Consecration Ceremony:

In a naming ceremony we are providing First Nations name based on ancient traditions involving the birth position on the medicine wheel, clan, dream work and much more. My personal preference is to do these ceremonies on new moons or full moons if at all possible.  When the name is conferred on an individual they are presented with a document of consecration from Wolfe Island Aboriginal Interfaith Church and a chart showing all the parameters of their birth position on the medicine wheel, plus additional information to allow them to create a medicine blanket and similar sacred objects. It takes approximately 2 hours of preparation on my part to prepare the ceremonies and the documents. I preferred to confer and name in person but for those live living at a distance I will meet with you on Skype and send the documentation by mail. Meeting with you in person to receive the name takes approximately half an hour. The suggested donation for each name provided is $50.00. As with all sacred services abstinence from alcohol and recreational drugs is mandatory.

"Cutting the Tie that Binds" Ceremony:

This is a very serious ceremony that requires some discussion prior to performing.  In other words, it is not to be taken lightly. We perform the ceremony either in person or via Skype if necessary and the suggested donation is $125. You will be provided with your half of the rope used in the knot ceremony as well as sacred medicines and other things deemed necessary by our communion with the ancestors.  The whole process takes 60 to 75 min. and is performed by Brian and I as well as possibly other Lodge members. We prefer to do this either at new moon or full Moon if at all possible.

Wedding Ceremonies:

I love performing weddings - I guess I'm a sentimental old sop. I perform interfaith weddings that may or may not include aboriginal ceremonies as requested. I also perform weddings for the same-sex community. The basic fee for a wedding is $400 with a preliminary deposit of $200 to cover my expenses of preparing for the big day. A mileage charge of $.55 per kilometer is payable in addition to the base fee. What you receive for my services are –

  • A 90 min. preliminary meeting to discuss your marriage;
  • A meeting to review the service that I create according to our discussions;
  • Attendance to a wedding rehearsal if deemed necessary (and 95% of the time they are necessary);
  • Performing the ceremony on the wedding day;
  • Submitting all documents to the provincial government to register the marriage;
  • Registering all documentation with the church office and my office.
As with anything to do with getting married the sooner you can communicate with me the smoother the process goes… That being said I can be available on short-term notice for those who have decided to elope, provided that your paperwork is correct. In this instance the fee-for-service is $250 because we are not meeting in advance, nor am I preparing special services or running rehearsals.
Wedding Options

Funeral Services:

The basic fee for a local (within 75 km) funeral is $250 plus $.55 a kilometer mileage.  For this fee I include the following –

  • A preliminary meeting to discuss the service;
  • Attendance to the funeral parlor to bless the deceased and do prayers;
  • Performing the funeral service whether it is held in the funeral parlor or a church;
  • Attendance at the graveside for committal.
Families have very different needs as it relates to dealing with death and we certainly understand that after 35 years of service. Feel free to contact us to discuss your family’s needs.