A list of all courses that Moonstar Lodge has offered

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Psychospiritual Development:

This is the most popular, and probably the most the intense and exciting of our courses.  Developing psychically and spiritually go hand-in-hand, and happen in a safe (if swift) format.  This is not for the faint-of-heart; you must be ready to try mediumship, trance work, and psychokinetic practices.  The beginner level works at a quick pace through the metaphysical basics to understand the possible paths of psychospiritual development, and acts as the foundation for the advanced level which focuses only on mediumship, trance work, healing, and meditation practices for the ascension.

Psychospiritual Development – Beginner Level: Psychospiritual development is THE foundation for every other course we teach.   It is a directed, formal study of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction and psychokinesis through a variety of practices: levitation, spirit photography and recordings, learning to see the aura (aurvoyance), apparitions, psychometry, meditation, altered states of consciousness, psychomantium (scrying), out-of-body experiences, karma, phases of spiritual growth, types of spiritual beings and more.   Mediumship techniques and channelling are practised weekly.   This course changes people - be prepared for many new life experiences, and homework! Students are to bring to each class: a binder, pen, pendulums, any course notes from earlier development groups and PLEASE DO NOT WEAR PERFUME.   Do dress comfortably.

Psychospiritual Development - Intermediate Level: More channelling, more general exercises and more homework!  Students need to dress comfortably, and bring a notebook.   (Prerequisite - Beginner Level)

Psychospiritual Development - Advanced Level: For graduates of our intermediate development course.   We are moving the channelling concepts forward.   Topics include meditation, levitation, altered states of consciousness, ascension, séance, tarot, dream work and more.   Students need to dress comfortably, and bring a notebook.   (Prerequisite: Intermediate Level).

Development for Ascension – Beginner Level: This class focuses on the psychospiritual skills for connecting with and attuning to ascended masters.   An overview of ascension concepts is covered in the first class, but the focus is on the exercises for channelling and personal connection.   Prerequisite is Psychospiritual Development Beginner level and can be taken concurrently with Advanced Development.   Students are to bring their development class notes, and tape recorders (optional).   Do not wear PERFUME OR STRONG DEODORANTS, please.  (Prerequisite: Advanced Development).

Advanced Development for Ascension: Following our very successful Beginner level, we are keeping up the momentum for this special form of channelling.   It is open to those who took the first level.   Students need to bring their notes, crystals and tape recorders for this term.   Please – No perfume or strong smelling deodorants.   (Prerequisite: Development for Ascension – Beginner Level).


Medicine Wheel Garden Workshop: This one-day workshop covers our sacred garden style.   We discuss raised bed techniques, companion planting, moon cycle theory, harvesting and crop rotation.   We will look at the moon and planting cycles, how to make medicines over the winter, what plants to consider for spring, biodiversity and more.   I will demonstrate a few of the medicines we make, and some seeds will be made available for sale and exchange.   Students need a notebook.

Shamanism: As Métis medicine people and Elders, we are concerned about the correct teachings of traditional medicine practice.  We are offering these teachings to those who are certain that this is part of their path.  These studies are meant for people of all races, creeds and religions, but like any other spiritual study, this is not for everyone.  This information is sacred.  Therefore the classes will be limited to those with a sincere desire to learn.  Please speak to us before enrolling.  This workshop covers shamanic practices of the northeast, and topics include: sacred medicine objects and their use, ethics, healing traditions, ceremonies, correct use of spirit herbs, dream walking, spirit walking, totem animals, and shapeshifting.  Be prepared to bring whatever medicine/sacred objects you have, along with a drum – you cannot practice shamanism without a drum.  If you are not sure, talk to us about your drum.  Notebooks and pens are needed.

Advanced Shamanism: This is a continuation of the previous shamanism course for those preparing for such serious endeavours as apprenticeship, Midewiwin, and the lifestyle changes involved in becoming a shaman.  It is imperative that no student be addicted to, or consume, cigarettes, recreational drugs, or alcohol, or be predisposed to any obsessive-compulsive behaviours such as gambling.  The beginner level of shamanism is a pre-requisite for this course.  (Prerequisite: Shamanism).

Soul Retrieval - Beginner: This is designed for students of Aboriginal Healing, Midewiwin and Shamanism.  Currently this ancient method of healing the fragmented soul is gaining respect in modern therapeutic spheres.  This is a hands-on course, not purely theoretical, so come prepared to experience giving and receiving.  Please bring whatever sacred objects you own, and wear journey clothes.

Soul Retrieval - Advanced: More issues, more practice, more work in dreamtime travel.  (Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval, Beginner).

Grandmothers of the Moon: Winter is the traditional time for passing the oral traditions, crafting and "turning inward".  This class covers the 13-clan grandmothers, as discussed by Jamie Sams, with the input of our Anishnabek/northern versions.  This is an invaluable class for those in AHPP, Midewiwin, and shamanism or just as general interest.  Students need to bring a notebook and any medicine objects you have.

Wisdom Keepers – Dreamtime Interpretation: It is time now to share the knowledge of dream interpretation.  I bring to this class some Jungian theory, some NLP and a lot of aboriginal meaning.  Students planning to take this MUST start immediately doing some rudimentary journalling of their dreams.  We will assess the functions of the subconscious, how to influence dreams and outcomes and perhaps OoBE’s (Out of Body Experiences), if time permits.  Students need casual clothes, a pillow, blanket, notebook, and pen.

Wisdom Keepers – Interpreting Symbols: This class is beneficial to the shamanism, midewiwin and AHPP student, as well as those studying ritual and healing.  We will expand on the day where we discussed dreams, and look at the symbols of the shamanic journey.  (Prerequisite: Wisdom Keepers – Dreamtime Interpretation).

Wisdom Keepers –Aboriginal Ceremonies & Symbols: This class is beneficial to the shamanism, Midewiwin and AHPP student, as well as those studying ritual and healing.  We will expand on the day where we discussed dreams, and look at the symbols and ceremonial rituals of the medicine wheel and shamanic journeys.  Please bring your crystals.


Aboriginal Healing Introduction: A basic course - we look at the uses of traditional medicine objects of the northeast, and the basic healing rituals that a medicine person performs.  Bring notebooks, crystals and whatever healing objects you have.  This is an important prerequisite to the Aboriginal Healing Practitioner Program.

Aboriginal Healing for Animals: Our popular course returns as a two-day workshop.  We will practice on live patients (dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, sheep and horses as available) and learn the historic methods of healing, review chakras and energy work on animals, crystals, herbs, dental care, wound treatment and much more.  Students to bring: a binder for notes, pen, medicine objects, dowsing equipment, old CLEAN sheets, scissors, and clothes appropriate to being in a barn.  Students registered will be given a map to the location of the class, if necessary.

Aboriginal Ear Candling: While not uniquely aboriginal, there are certain techniques and herbs added to the beeswax mixtures that are special - and we certainly have evolved from rolled up leaves with goose grease and beeswax! In this one-day workshop everyone gets to make their own candles and learn to do the ear coning on each other.  Everyone comes away with his or her ears done as well.  This is an excellent healing tool to have in your repertoire.  Students need to bring a notebook, scissors, an old tea towel, an old bath towel, and a box to carry your finished candles home in.

Dowsing - Beginner & Advanced: This popular course is divided into 2 full days over two weekends.  This is an interesting look at the two forms of kinesiological interaction with our higher selves.  This course demonstrates the use of a single, suspended pendulum and 2 L-rod dowsing sticks.  We should have good enough weather to assure lots of practice outside doing geomantic dowsing, and learn radiesthetic dowsing for healing work.  This class also looks at ley lines, vortices and ghost paths.  Please bring potluck lunch both days, a binder, pen, crystals, pendulums and L-rods if you have them.  We have pendulums and L-rods at a nominal fee for those students who require them.

Aboriginal Healing Practitioner Program:  As in all native cultures, healing is divided into the four aspects of the wheel: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Topics covered (not in the order of presentation): Aboriginal styles of bodywork (beginner to advanced); pregnancy - antepartum, birthing and post partum care of mother and child; healing plants and medicine preparation, administration, dosages and toxicity; midewiwin culture and apprenticeship; totem and power animals; shapeshifting and OOBE's; expanded medicine and shamanic traditions; chanting and medicine songs; advanced crystal techniques; preparing for death and transition work; dreamtime functions; rebirthing an adult; magick and medicinal mysticism; addictions; counselling techniques in the aboriginal way; treatments for specific diseases; aboriginal paediatric and geriatric practices; sourcing materials; sacred/secret rituals, among many other secondary and tertiary subjects.  A specific agenda will be addressed at the first class, and progression through the areas will depend on the proficiency of the students.

Most of the topics covered will be handled in an experiential rather than on an historical or theoretical basis.  Our traditions are passed in an oral fashion - there will be notes, journalling and one presentation by students, but there is no formal written examination.  Assessment will be of performance, participation and interaction with guests and elders, and the efficacy of treatments.  Students will be given a binder for notes, and are required to bring their medicine/ritual objects (including drums) for the first, and every, class.  Traditional medicine bags, healing objects and personal items are the responsibility of the student.

80% attendance is required in the first part of the course.  100% attendance is mandatory for the invaluable experience of the practicum.  Certificates will be given to successful graduates in a special ceremony.

Principles of Regression: We will cover the techniques of eliciting altered states, healing uses, past life regression, memory recovery, and addictions, as time permits.  This is a course that requires participation – you cannot learn this by watching.  This course is ideal for those Moonstar members who have completed AHPP, Therapeutic Touch, or Aboriginal Healing.  Students are to wear comfortable clothing, bring a pillow, and notebook/pen.  NO perfume please.

Regression: Advanced Issues: This is a workshop appropriate for the students who took AHPP, regression (and preferably soul retrieval) previously.  It is vital for the shamanism and midewiwin candidate.  We look at issues like resolving grief, past life phenomenon (whether real or metaphor), and practice more facilitation techniques.  Students should wear comfy clothes, NO PERFUME or strong deodorant, bring a pillow, blanket and notebook.  This is an experiential course – everyone is expected to participate.  (Prerequisite: Principles of Regression).

Healing Into Death: No-one is immune from facing death - our own, a family member’s, or a friend's.  This course helps us to focus on proactive, rather than reactive, ways of handling transition.  Choosing to manage a death in this way helps both the person leaving, and those left behind.  A valuable workshop for healers, we will introduce some aboriginal strategies which have proven successful.  This is a powerful, upbeat, healing workshop, meant to give us tools to use so we aren’t left frustrated and helpless around those who are dying.  Some of the topics included are: Dealing with a Difficult Prognosis, Stages of Grief for Self and for Others, Bereavement, Proactive Facilitation, The Art of Listening, Healing Old Wounds, and Easing the Transition.

Sacred and Angelic Healing Cords: These are ascension healing tools used by medicine people and shaman.  We supply basic materials to choose from, and the necessary crystals to make basic cords.


Crystals - Basic: Another of the traditions which celebrates the transcultural uses of crystals in healing.  Topics covered include: crystal cleansing and preparation; various prayers and meditations using crystals; totem animals; making crystal essences; combining crystals and the chakras; dowsing; traditional scrying methods; the pendulum; healing rods; and care of your stones.  No workshop on crystals would be complete without demonstrations, so dress comfortably.  Please bring a notebook, pen, and whatever crystals you possess.

Crystals - Advanced: Learn the application of crystals to the chakras and healing, within the context of aboriginal traditions.  Bring whatever crystals you have (including jewellery, wands and cords), a notebook, and pen.  If you have dowsing implements, please bring them to class.  We will provide notes.  (Prerequisite: Crystals - Basic).

Crystals for the Ascension Time: Prerequisite: to be admitted into this class the crystals and dowsing courses are a minimum requirement; AHPP graduates will get a certificate of participation as an additional credit to their original certification.  In the traditional prophecies about this, the ascension time, the Star People are coming to earth to heal the ravages of illness, pollution, etc.  Only the most experienced shamans and healers know the crystals that the Star People are to use in this time, and this knowledge is only to be shared with other experienced traditional healers.


Angelic “Soul Revival” – BRAND NEW!  This is not the same as shamanic soul retrieval, rather a specialized set of treatments to revive people who find themselves in a spiritual downturn, or crisis.  This is a fun day, and there are no prerequisites, only that you prepare to be surprised and feel blessed.  Please wear casual clothes, NO PERFUME, and bring a potluck offering to share with the class.

Introduction to Ascension Issues: For many years we have facilitated programs on various aspects of these ascension times.   Many people who have never studied this issue are overwhelmed by the concept, so we are offering a day that starts right at the beginning, with clear theoretical basics and experiential exercises.   We discuss resources for further personal study.   Our day includes aboriginal perspectives as well as general concepts.   Students should bring a notebook/binder, wear comfortable clothing, and be prepared to participate in the exercises.   No perfume or strong aftershave, please.

Zay - In the Company of Angels: In this class we look at the pan cultural, pan theological study of angels.  This is not a course of anecdotes.  We will study this complex subject with a systematic approach.  Topics include: the differences between angels and guides; meeting your angel; communication; creating the angel oracle; grounding; the chakras; and, angelic healing practices.  Fee includes notes.  Please bring a notebook and a crystal if you have one.  Dress comfortably and please do NOT wear perfume.

Angels and the "Times of Winds and Changes": This is a follow-up course to the original "Zay - In the Company of Angels" workshop.  It is the right time, in aboriginal tradition, to talk of these matters.  The format for this course is loose and experiential.  If the weather permits, we will do some of the exercises outside.  If you made the angel oracle in the previous class, bring it along! Students will need a notebook with some blank paper, and coloured pens or pencils.

Angels and the Ascension: Following our introductory course "Zay - In the Company of Angels", we have an angels course that carries on with the theme of Ascension.   While "Zay" is a good prerequisite, it is not necessary to enjoy this day.   This is an experiential course where we look at techniques specific to working with angels in this ascension time.   Students should bring a binder for the notes supplied, and wear comfy clothing (no perfume, please).   So come spend a day in the company of angels!

Angel Channelling: In this one-day workshop we are expanding on some of the materials covered in previous angel courses.  Specifically we will look at the 22 causal angels in the human aura, as well as angels with special “jobs”.  The morning is devoted to reviewing technical information, while in the afternoon we will channel with the angels.  The previous angel classes are not a prerequisite, but an open mind and heart are needed.

Tarot: In this course we will examine the larger role metaphor has played in the archetypal phenomenon known as Tarot.  While there is an overview of the meanings of individual cards, the emphasis is on the larger spiritual picture.  This information applies to any divination set, not just tarot.  Feel free to bring whatever divination cards you own.  Please bring a binder or notebook.

Our Shadow Self and Tarot – Furthering our work in healing, we deal with “the shadow”.  This is a part of us we often don’t like – it represents martyr, saboteur, under-developed gifts, shame, and denied potential.  We cannot control the Shadow, but learn the archetypal and healing mechanisms that lead to balance.  Participants will come away with many tools of personal empowerment to use with “Self” and others, but specifically the tarot. Please bring a potluck offering and I’ll discuss with you tarot options at registration.

Numerology - Beginner Workshop: For many years I have used the Roquemore method of numerological calculation, as her theories fit in with aboriginal thoughts on harmony in the universe.  The workshop gives students the basic calculations necessary for destiny, annual predictions, strengths, weaknesses and much more.  This is one of the most comprehensive systems of numerology I’ve looked at, and am pleased to offer it for the first time.  Students are required to bring a notebook and pens/pencils for class.  Handouts are provided.

Numerology - Advanced Workshop: This is a continuation of the beginner level, and completes the equations for someone interested in making full charts.  Once again, students need to bring notebooks and pens/pencils.  Course materials are provided.  (Prerequisite: Beginner Numerology).

Pictographic Runes (Revised): Very simple, primitive pictures and even simpler brush techniques go together on river stones to make a wonderful divination tool.  In this workshop you receive the stones, which we paint during class, a chart of the 44 principle petroglyphs, and after lunch, I will show you how to cast these runes and make the wheel of prediction.  A small cloth bag is provided to carry these treasures.

Sacred Geometry: All cultures have created/evolved symbols which address many spiritual and metaphysical issues.  Sacred Geometry is the emerging tool for lightworkers and healers to expand consciousness with the All That Is.  In this workshop we will examine a number of well-known sacred symbols, along with some lesser-known ones from the ancient mystery schools.  We’ll examine how to apply them in our modern lives, and what we can expect from these awesome glyphs.  Students need a notebook, pencil crayons and a basic student’s math set.


Drum Making: Instruction and all materials required to make a single-sided ceremonial drum will be provided.  We require a minimum of 6 students for this class to run.

Making Medicine Bags: Students who have already taken this class and just want to sit and work among friends are welcome to attend.  Students are to bring whatever materials suit the decoration of their bag, and if you’re unsure, check with me.  Scissors, pliers and needles are also needed.

Making Medicine Objects: This one-day workshop offers the chance to make some of the objects students may be missing.  You have your choice of a medicine bag OR a medicine blanket, OR the crystal (copper pipe) wand.  When you register, we will need to know at that time what you wish to make to have the correct supplies.  Students who have already taken these classes and just want to sit and work among friends are welcome to come.  Students are to bring whatever materials suit the making of their chosen object, and if you’re unsure, check with me.

Quilting a Medicine Blanket: One of our most sacred traditions, in this workshop we will make the basic blanket (materials are provided), journey for instruction, and otherwise begin the surface embellishment.  It is not expected that the blankets will be completed on this day — that is a spiritual journey unto itself.  We will provide: cotton muslin and interior batting, beeswax and 100% cotton quilting thread.  Students to bring: needles for sewing, including quilting needles (the smaller the needle, the nicer the stitches), scissors, paper for sketching, sacred objects of your choice and items for surface embellishment i.e.  embroidery threads, ribbon, yarns, beads made of natural materials (wood, stone, glass, bone, ceramic, etc.), fur, leather, crystals, sea shells, driftwood, feathers, fabric paints/markers, baby teeth, bone fragments.  Bringing your objects will help you plan their placement.

Sewing Ceremonial Clothing: Our interest in historically correct clothing is catching.  In this class you can choose to make ONE of the following: a traditional capote (coat), a ribbon shirt, a plain shirt, or medicine dress.  Patterns are supplied, and the fabric for your chosen garment.  Trims are optional, and made available at cost.  You will learn correct measurement techniques, and basic sewing skills.  Students should bring a sewing machine (cleaned, oiled, with manuals and auxiliary equipment), scissors for paper cutting, and separate scissors for fabric cutting, pins and whatever sewing implements you like.  Feel free to bring your own adornments.  A sewing machine is available here for class use.

Shield Making: During this workshop, we will make a traditional shield.  This is of special interest for students of Shamanism, and Aboriginal Healing.  We will supply: ring, leather, feathers, wool roving, and some tools.  Students to bring: scissors, tapestry needle, beads, special feathers, and any items you may wish to add.  Paints should be the fabric or acrylic types, and are the responsibility of the student.  Please - no plastic beads or fluorescent feathers!

Mask Making: Ancestors used masks in a number of ways...  during ritual, in battle, to honour the dead, and to perpetuate tradition.  Using the clay face provided, you will journey to the dreamtime and create the mask which honours your traditions.  This one-day workshop includes in the course fee all the traditional materials such as paints, feathers, beads, leather, cloth, and wool.  Please bring a lunch, a notebook, and a pen.  Scissors, needle, and thread would be helpful.  If you have personal objects with which you would like to adorn your mask, please bring them to the workshop.

Moccasin Making: Here Moosey, Moosey! A day to make moccasins out of moose hide.  Students to bring a tapestry needle, SHARP scissors, a notebook and pen.  Beaded decals are wonderful for the top. 

Dreamcatchers & Mooncatchers: We supply the basic materials: hoop, sinew, feathers, cornets, etc., and ask you to bring those items of personal value that you might want to weave into your creation.  We instruct you in the correct historical methods.  Please bring: needle nose pliers, SHARP scissors, wire snips and a tapestry needle. 

Aboriginal Seed Beading and Topical Embellishment: This is a one-day workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of seed beadwork by making a decal.  Topics reviewed include decal creation, necklace florets, 3-D designing and the application of seed beads to leather.  We will also look at application of ribbons, bone, clay, wood and other objects to items like medicine blankets, bags and clothing.  Loom beading is not covered specifically, but if anyone has a bead loom and needs help, bring it along to the class and I’ll give a quick how-to.  Students to bring: one embroidery hoop (6 inch to 10 inch diameter), a pencil, sharp scissors, and seed beads (only if special colours desired), ribbons, etc.  We will supply: base fabric for decals, special needles, assorted seed beads of traditional colours, threads, wax, spray adhesive, pattern templates and written instructions.  This is a wonderful day to work on your medicine objects in advance of the healing courses.

Crystal Wands: In north-eastern Shamanism, the copper wand is a necessary tool.  In this course we supply the copper, crystal, leather and resin.  Students need to bring any embellishments they have for the wand.  After the wands are completed, students will learn how to use them.

Teddy Bear Making: I have always loved bears.  Come and spend the day making an articulated (jointed) bear.  We provide all the material - faux fur, joints, thread, pattern, stuffing and glass eyes.  Students to bring: SHARP scissors, needle nose pliers, and sewing needles of choice. 

African and Aboriginal Doll Making: Art, craft, memories and healing come together when dolls are made.  In this class I will share how to make one of each kind of doll.  Please bring scraps of wool, doll hair, beads, feathers, sharp scissors, a glue gun, leather, needles and thread.  We’ll supply the rest.  This is a fun, heart-warming day and easy - even for the novice crafter.

Spinning Workshop: In this one-day workshop, the following topics are covered: learning to spin on a wheel (Scotch tension) and a drop spindle, carding fibres, plying yarn, skeining and dying using natural dyes.  For those who have access to a wheel or drop spindle, please bring them to class, along with any instruction manuals (not all wheels are created equally!) Carding combs, niddy noddies, peripheral supplies, and yarn roving or raw wool are all helpful to have at this class.  Drop spindles will be made available for a fee of $10.00, and wool roving at a fee of $0.65/ounce if needed.  Students also require a binder for handouts, and pen.  This class will be limited to 6 participants to allow for maximum individual help.

Angel Quilting: Here we have the opportunity to celebrate, in cloth, the angels that are part of our spirit journey.  In this gathering, we will make EITHER a quilted angel doll OR a textured, 3-dimensional angel medallion, which could be used as the centre of a quilt, or for a medicine blanket.  The choice of what to make is yours.  Course fees include basic materials, but you are encouraged to bring objects to adorn your creation.  Registrants will get a complete list of optional objects to bring for decoration, and tools necessary to complete this wonderful quilting project.